Strength for Life

Strength for Life™

This is an evidence based progressive strength and exercise program aimed at reducing the incidence of falls and improving the health and well-being and independence of people over 50 years in Western Australia.

You will need to book an initial assessment, at a cost of $85, with one of our exercise physiologists before commencing with the group classes. Each class costs $12. Rebates available for HBF members and some other private medical funds (contact your provider).

Class run every weekday at 10.30am and also on a Tuesday and Thursday at 9.30am

How do I get involved in the program?

step-1 Download your medical clearance form
step-2 Take to your GP to access your eligibility for the program.
step-3 Contact Us to book your initial assessment
& Complete and submit the following questionnaire prior to you appointment


Increased strength and muscle mass
Maintenance of bone density
Improvements in balance, mobility and flexibility
Prevention of falls
Effective weight management tool
Improvement in self-confidence and self-esteem
Reduction in symptoms of chronic diseases including:
Sleep disorders
Cardiovascular diseases
Prevention against social isolation

Need more information about Strength for Life?

If you need additional information or would like to arrange an appointment feel free to Contact Us