Assessments & Gym Programs

“A goal without a plan is just a wish”

When you start with Essence we can sit down with you to discuss your goals, take some measurements and plan your exercise program. This will take place over 2 separate sessions and cost just $85.

Your assessment will be tailored to include those things that matter to you and design your exercise program to challenge and progress you.


We also ensure your plan is  SMART

S – Specific

M – Measureable

A – Achievable / Attainable

R – Relevant

T – Timely


Once started on your program you will be able to track your progress using resources such as the Tanita body composition scales, the Mywellness App and fitness tests on some of the equipment.

Regular assessments, goals resets and progressive programs will guide you along the path to a healthy life.

To join up and get started Membership Options

or if you would like to try us out for 2 weeks for just $10, 2 Week Trial

Alternatively if you would like to discuss anything either give us a call on 9386 8588, drop in to see us or Contact Us