Welcome to Essence

Thanks so much for being interested in Essence Fitness and taking the chance to try it out.

Simply email us with your details below and ask for it. We look forward to hearing from you and showing you around Essence.

While you are here, would you like to know more about us?

You can read all about us here and why we are so different from the other facilities.

We created a place where there are a lot of things going on, but all in a really friendly and relaxed environment.

We have been extremely fortunate that the people who have become part of Essence have made it exactly what it is today. After 17 years of being one of the only privately owned and run facilities in a sea of chain businesses we are still strongly holding onto all of the values we started with.

So what is so good about Essence? .

Our members are always giving us feedback as to why they would never go anywhere else and why they feel so at home at Essence. This is what they say.

  • People actually say hello to each other, and they are greeted by a staff member with a big hello and someone who actually knows their name every time they enter.
  • Women have expressed how comfortable and safe they feel at Essence which has been a really big struggle in the past for them, especially with so many gyms nowadays catering to a “male focused” environment.
  • The average age of the gym members are between 40-65 which creates “such a different feel”. That doesn’t mean there aren’t older and younger members, however it creates a work out atmosphere very different to most other gyms.
  • The staff are so friendly and approachable and are more than happy to not only let you know if you could be doing things a little better or correct your form, but they are also more than happy to let you know how well you are going.

Of course, these are just a few things that members have expressed to us that make us feel we are on the right path and that we are catering to what our people really do want and need to assist them reaching their goals.

Here are a few more things that we are very proud of

  • All of the coaches are of the highest standard; most of them have a University based movement degree or have many years of experience in the industry.
  • The coaches have a range of expertise in areas such as injury rehabilitation and prehab, understanding different types of chronic and complex conditions and understanding that every body moves differently. This expertise really does shine through in everything they do.
  • Our clientele are very diverse from a big range of demographics and backgrounds, which makes it such an interesting place to be and a great place to meet new friends.
  • We have some of the highest quality equipment in the world (our choice of equipment is actually used in the Olympic level stadiums around the world).
  • Access to the gym space is 24/7 however that does not mean we take staffed times for granted, we have very good staffed hours to ensure you can have assistance when you need it as well as feeling comfortable and safe.
  • We have in house Physiotherapists (husband and wife Jeremy and Triston) who are both very well recognised in their own right as two of the best in WA.

We know how comfortable you will feel at Essence and we are so excited to share it with you.

How does this all sound?

Why not try us out?

You can try us out for 2 weeks for just $10. We also have an access card which costs $10 but don’t worry, it is just a deposit.

Look forward to meeting you soon.

Mike, Gino, Bill & the team

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