Staff Gordon

Exercise Scientist

BSc in Exercise Science & Rehabilitation.

Gordon Niner


I have been a Trainer, I have been a Coach and I have been an Exercise Scientist. What made me become a Biomechanical Engineer was a motorcycle accident in 2016. I was millimetres away from paralysis, self employed and broke in many more ways than one. Multiple surgeries later and many courses in many countries around the world, I have up-skilled myself in many more ways than I knew existed. 

This has led me to looking at the body through the Anatomy Trains road map, to measure your structure like an engineer would your house. Through the lens of an Engineer, with the mind of an Exercise Scientist and with the experience of a Strength Coach, I work with precision to rebuild your home. From rehab patients to the elite movers and athletes, I will help integrate & optimise the way your body functions.

Specialty Area

GAIT + Postural Assessment


Functional Hypertrophy + Strength Training


Functional Biomechanics


Body Composition/Metabolomics



Science. I’m a nerd and passionate about learning and growing. I’m big into sports, health, gaming, cinema and of course getting out and discovering the countryside of Australia.


Recovering from breaking my spine and arm. Climbing Mount Ida (8000ft) 6 months later.


To make anyone from any level as fit and functional as they can be.