Gordon Niner

Personal Coach


BSc in Exercise Science and have worked with cancer rehab, post operative and all the way through to athletes. I have studied under the most successful Olympic coach in history using some of his best secrets to help my clients achieve results. I am fascinated by self development and being the best version of myself. I offer:
Biomechanical and gait assessment
Metabolic assessment
Neural programs / advanced programming
Group training / Fat loss / Hypertrophy
Sports specific training / Functional Training

  • Interests:

    Science. I’m a nerd and passionate about learning and growing. I’m big into sports, health, gaming, cinema and of course getting out and discovering the countryside of Australia.

  • Achievements:

    Recovering from breaking my spine and arm. Climbing Mount Ida (8000ft) 6 months later.

  • Aspirations:

    I aim to make a clinic for the “healthy”. With skin fold calipers I am able to decipher what the body is struggling and use supplement protocols to fix these issues. Also we know movement is medicine, which is why I use exercise to extend people even further.