Alison Dymond Personal Coach | Essence Fitness 24 Hour Gym

Alison Dymond

Exercise Physiologist


  • Bachelor of Sport Science, Exercise and Health
  • Diploma in Exercise Rehabilitation
  • Accredited Exercise Physiologist

I grew up in Geraldton and moved to Perth to study at The University of Western Australia. I specialise in Exercise Physiology, which is a mix of human biology, lifestyle management and personal training. I can help you reach your body image and health goals through a targeted program that addresses YOUR body’s needs.

Specialty Area:

  • Exercise prescription
  • Health and lifestyle management
  • Providing continuous assessment and direction in the gym and life environment
  • Matching your workout and diet to your body, lifestyle and goals
  • Interests:

    Helping people determine and achieve their goals, cooking and eating healthy, growing my own veggies, dancing and so much more! I love getting to know people so I can find ways to help them work smarter, not just harder.

  • Achievements:

    University Graduate, U19 State Badminton Player, Solo Traveler throughout Europe and Egypt.

    My greatest achievement is learning to live a healthy, happy lifestyle that doesn’t sacrifice every one of life’s little pleasures. I believe people can stay fit, healthy and positive while still enjoying themselves – my goal is to help you achieve that!

  • Aspirations:

    To learn something new every day and have fun doing it!

    To remain happy and explore life. I look forward to meeting people and listening to their stories, I am constantly surprised and educated by others.

    My strongest aspiration is to help people. Here at Essence Fitness, I want to provide people with direction and achievable goals using my education and experiences.