meet the team

The Essence team is a group of health professionals who are fully committed to the health, fitness and wellbeing of their members.


Mike Price

Reception/Group class

Katelyn Northey

Exercise Physiologist

Jayde Thompson

Exercise Scientist

Gordon Niner

Exercise Physiologist

Carlos Bervenotti

Exercise Physiologist

Alison Dymond

Dietitian and Receptionist

Emma Walkey

Exercise Physiologist

Amelia Foulkes

Why should you need a personal trainer?

At Essence we believe in real fitness – fitness that translates to real-world, everyday application. Our team of Exercise Physiologists, Exercise scientist and Dietitian are qualified, experienced and passionate about providing you with individualised advice to help you achieve your goals in the gym.

At Essence we create a supportive and caring environment for all ages and abilities. We are here to help people who are joining a gym for the first time, to the person who has been lifting weights for years and wants to see better results from their training.