MyWellness App

Essence Fitness has invested in MyWellness App technology which gives you the ability to monitor and track your health and fitness progress where ever you are.

Just log into “MyWellness” cloud and track your entire activity in one place.

Essence Fitness has invested in MyWellness App technology which allows you to access your exercise and lifestyle data anywhere, anytime.

Fully interactive displays helps stimulate you through your workout; log onto your social media sites, listen to your favourite music or even take a jog through San Francisco!

Provides you with the ability to seamlessly replicate your outdoor run on the treadmill which has been tracked using one of the many 3rd party apps and or devices which connect to MyWellness.

Easily track physical activity manually or automatically via internet connected equipment.

Log in to connected equipment via QR code, NFC or Bluetooth via the MyWellness App.

Customise preferences – from connecting to your favourite apps and devices, to preferred language, personal details and much more.

Provides you with many benefits and great functionality such as;

  • The ability to instantly track and monitor physical activity
  • Be guided with tutorials
  • Used as a log in method to UNITY, via QR code, NFC and Bluetooth
  • Links to multiple 3rd party apps and devices
  • Provides great detail into total lifestyle data collected.