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For every person you refer to Essence you will receive a free months membership. Simply click on the following link, complete the details and submit it to us. You will receive your free month after they have been a member for 2 months. Click here to refer a friend
Once a year on 1st March, everyone pays a club enhancement fee of $15.00. If you pay by direct debit this will increase for this one payment and then revert to you normal fortnightly fee. If you pay your membership upfront, this fee is taken as a one-off payment. This is invested yearly into club improvements.
You can freeze your membership for a minimum period of 4 consecutive weeks, to a maximum of 12 weeks per year. Of course, all your fees must be up to date for us to do this. Click here to request your membership be frozen
A one months cancellation period applies. This request must to be submitted via the cancellation form, you will then be debited 2 further payments.
The only other fees will be:-
  1. $10.00 for your door access tag
  2. A one-off $5.50 set up fee with your first payment.
  3. Credit card fees of 1.6% for mastercard & visa cards per transaction. (No additional fees apply if you use a bank account.)
  4. $1.95 transaction fee applies to each fortnightly direct debit payment.