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Do you have chronic and complex conditions?

The Accredited Exercise Physiologists at Essence Fitness are able to provide services under an enhanced primary care plan to people with chronic and complex conditions. This programmed is bulk billed through Medicare.

Insurance and workers compensation
Essence Fitness offers workers compensation and motor vehicle accident rehabilitation. Our Exercise Physiologists work in conjunction with your insurance claims manager to provide services covered by these claims.

Need additional information or would like to arrange an appointment?

How do I get involved in the program?

Complimentary 24 hr gym membership is given during the period of your programme.
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Step 1

Ask your gp to refer you to Essence Fitness for 5 Exercise Physiology sessions on a Chronic Disease Management Programme (CDMP).

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Step 2

Contact us to book your initial assessment

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Step 3

Complete and submit this health questionnaire before you start your first session